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ATV-A 203E
Title:Wastewater Filtration Using Space following Biological Treatment
Publication date:04 1995
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This Standard is concerned with communal wastewater. Essentially, the procedures for wastewater filtration aim at the elimination of particular wastewater content substances ( filterable substances) following biological treatment in accordance with the recognised rules of technology. With regard to their function the following well tried methods can be differentiated: - wastewater filtration which is limited exclusively to the elimination of filterable substances present in the wastewater; - flocculation filtration by which additional filterable substances are produced by means of the addition of precipitation/flocculation agents and/or flocculation aid agents, preferably with the aim of advanced phosphorus elimination, and - biologically intensified filtration which, with the aid of suitable filter materials and sufficient oxygen supply aims additionally at the reduction of the organic residual loading of the wastewater and, in certain cases, at a residual nitrification. The possibility of denitrification in filters following addition of electron donors such as, for example, carbon, is to be assessed case by case with regard to costs, performance and environmental compatibility. The filters employed in wastewater filtration can be divided into: - Space filters: normal filter bed height 1 - 2.5 m (suspension retention in the complete filter bed), (Table 1), - Surface filters: cloth filters or fine grain filters with a filter layer height of up to 30 cm (suspension retention on the filter surface; no intensified biological effect), (Table 2). The tested procedures of space filtration are dealt with in this Standard. The following versions are based on this. Surface filtration is not part of this Standard. Due to the multiplicity of the systems on offer no details on operation are given in this Standard.
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