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ATV-A 106E
Title:Design and Construction Planning of Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Publication date:10 1995
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Water pollution control presents all those concerned with comprehensive tasks which are only to be solved through interdisciplinary organisation. ATV, the German Association for the Water Environment, has tasked its Specialist Committee 2.11 "Design and Construction of Sewage Treatment Plants", to make the complex procedures of modern planning clearer and more easy to grasp by means of an ATV Standard. The recommendations produced by the committee apply basically for all wastewater treatment facilities. With the design and construction of systems for the treatment of industrial wastewater special aspects have, if necessary, to be taken into account. The Standard is to provide a framework for the necessary considerations and engineering tasks with the design and construction of sewage treatment plants; this applies analogously for other wastewater treatment facilities. The necessary activities equally concern planners, construction sponsors and approving authorities. The necessity for the correct planning of wastewater treatment facilities arises from statutory specifications, and places on each form of wastewater disposal organisation a responsibility which is not to be circumvented. Only qualified and experienced specialists should be tasked with the production of planning documents. The result of the work of the specialist committee is the presentation of the complete planning, financing, approval and implementation activities as well as the time sequence and interdependence of all important individual activities. The Standard is divided into four main sections: Design Construction planning Additional information on important individual tasks Logic diagram. This Standard is not to be seen as a performance specification for the contractual processing of the planning and construction management tasks of planning and supervisory engineers and therefore deliberately follows neither a systematic form northe terms for the performance descriptions of the German Regulations for Professional Fees for Architects and Engineers (HOAI), which applies for all fields of engineering. This HOAI is important for the engineering services with the planning and construction of wastewater treatment facilities insofar as it regulates the services to be provided and their remuneration. The performance of planning and construction management engineers are differentiated according to the HOAI into so-called "Basic services" and into "Special services", which are necessary for a successful project. Many of the engineering services described in this Standard are not included in the "Basic services" of the HOAI; they are "Special services" within the meaning of ยง 2 HOAI and supplement and expand the performance contents of the basic services. The consideration of whether they are necessary or not must be carried out in the individual case. Furthermore, the HOAI system in "Object planning" and "Specialist planning", whereby, for example, the special contributions of the specialist planner for operational and process engineering, the technical fitting out of buildings and engineering structures, the supporting framework planning, the landscape planning etc. are to be seen as specialist planning contributions. Even this differentiation into object planning and specialist planning is not adopted in the Standard, particularly as the HOAI and its contents are subject to continuous up-dating. With this Standard there is deliberately no elaboration of the specialist fulfilment of the HOAI, rather the difficult and extensive dependencies and activities of the various participants in the planning and construction of a wastewater system are presented in an interdisciplinary way. The user of the HOAI is not relieved of working out, case by case, the services and the performance limitations for the planning and construction engineer from the HOAI, their official justification and the numerous available commentaries on the HOAI. This Standard can and will not be, from the aspect of contents, the determination of services in accordance with the HOAI, rather it is designed to ensure the quality of planning and construction supervision with the building of wastewater treatment facilities, independent of a framework of professional fees. The contents of the various (German) Federal State directives on design and construction planning remain unaffected. With the publication of this Standard, ATV Standard ATV-A 106 from 1962 "Advisory Leaflet for the Planning of a Sewage Works" (New edition in 1971 with unchanged text) is replaced.
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