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Title:Sewer System Structures
Publication date:11 2000
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Sewer System Structures, November 2000 For reasons of environmental protection, as well as from the operational, technical safety and economic aspects, there are principles and minimum requirements on the design and quality of the construction of sewer systems. Purpose and objective of the Standard is to provide the planner and the examiner with basic elements for the production of structures within the sewer system. Objective of the revision of the previous Standard dated March 1994 is the increased orientation of the planning towards the economic construction and operation of sewer systems. Compared with the previous Standard the chapters "Inspection Chambers" and "Underrun with Elevator" have been added. In addition, numerous proposals on the optimisation of planning have been incorporated. A further objective was the matching of the Standard to the current developments of European standardisation. As this standardisation process is not complete successive adjustment is required. This Standard applies for structures in sewer systems outside buildings, which are newly installed or rehabilitated.
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