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ATV-A 200E
Title:Principles for the Disposal of Wastewater in Rurally Structured Areas
Publication date:05 1997
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This Standard indicates possibilities for the economic realisation of an ordered disposal of wastewater in rurally structured regions. However, with all the currently discussed measures for cost reduction, the actual aims, protection of lakes and rivers and safety of local hygiene may not be placed in jeopardy. Wastewater treatment plants in rurally structured areas should not be planned, built and operated in accordance with the same principles and requirements as for urban areas, as otherwise the specific costs (DM/inhabitant) would be disproportionately high. It is the objective of this Standard to simplify the application of relevant Standards specially for rural areas and to promote creative solutions. In this respect proposals for cost reduction, which have often not been taken into account, have been summarised without restricting the design possibilities through new detailed prerequisites. is the preparation and listing. With this, the reduction of the annual costs stands at the forefront, and not only the today propagated investment cost reductions, through divergence from quality ensuring standards. The latter cause, as a rule, considerable follow-on costs in the middle and long-term and/or premature reinvestments. Through this, the required effect of the lowering of charges - if at all - is only achieved in the shortterm. Also, cost savings with public sewerage systems, may have not disproportionate costs for additional installations on private property. The aim of the ATV Standard is not to so reduce standards that, through this, plant operators are in danger of not being able to maintain legal requirements and thus have to face the consequences of criminal and taxation law. Equally the Standard cannot interfere with the following important cost, contribution and charge relevant factors: - legal regulations; - promotion practice of the Federal States; - formulation of the communal contribution and charge regulations. Task of this Standard is, in accordance with the given details in ATV Standard A 400 "Principles for the Revision of Rules and Standards" [11] to provide recommendations for the cost favourable solution of planning, construction and operating problems. It should show how the dimensioning bandwidths and planning latitude can be used in the rurally structured regions and, through this , how savings can be made., In particular the statements in the Standard, do not replace the necessary creative service of the engineer with conceptual planning and the constructive implementation in accordance with the requirements of the individual case.
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