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DWA-M 269E
Title:Process Analysis Equipment for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Carbon in Wastewater Treatment Systems
Publication date:03 2008
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To facilitate an efficient wastewater treatment optimised process conditions need to be established. Those microorganisms liable for wastewater treatment do usually vary in their substrate and environmental requirements which are realised within any single compartments of wastewater systems. Online and process analysis may help to achieve an image of prevailed conditions and if applicable to intervene regulatory. This will also take into account the demands of elf-monitoring and self-checking ordinance respectively. Regulating and controlling assemlies often result in possible savings at comparable effluent quality, e.g. regulating oxygen transfer may optimise expended energy for aeration. Operation expenses can be reduced by optimised use of operating resources, e.g. coagulant for physico-chemical phosphate removal and external carbon sources. This DWA Guideline includes information which demands online-measuring instrumentation should comply with for varying applications. Basically measurement systems differ from systems with monitoring function only and systems embedded into control and regulation systems. An other difference applies to sampling which is dispensed with systems measuring directly within medium (In-situ-measuring). Furthermore it provides hints to sample feeding and sample preparation. The DWA Guidline specifies measurement procedures to determinate nitrogen and phosphorous compounds as well as organical carbon pollution in terms of BSB, CSB, TOC, DOC and SAK. Furthermore it contains information to monitoring respectively quality assurance and documentation of measured data. Predications on cost appraisal are encountered. This DWA Guideline provides guidance to a reliable prosecution of analyser and its corresponding periphery for producer, planner and operator of wastewater systems as well as authorities.
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