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DWA-A 116E, Part 2
Title:Special Sewerage Systems - Part 2: Pressure Sewerage Systems Outside Buildings
Publication date:05 2007
Price:38.00 €
Pressure drainage is a special drainage process which, under certain circumstances, is significantly more economic than a gravity sewer system. Compared with other drainage processes the investments can be considerably lower. In cost-comparison calculations all follow-on costs for depreciation, rate of interest, operation and preventative maintenance are to be incorporated. The Standard, along with the usual references to standards and definitions, contains the detailed system description of a pressure sewerage system. Questions about bylaws are covered as well as the planning of engineering implementation and the operation of pressure sewerage systems. Part 2 of the Standard supplements EN 1671 and applies only together with this standard specification. It is in particular directed at planners, system suppliers, authorities, operators and construction companies.
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