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DWA-A 199E, Part 2
Title:Service and Operating Instructions for the Personnel of Wastewater Systems - Part 2: Operating Instructions for the Personnel of Sewerage Systems and Stormwater Treatment Systems
Publication date:07 2007
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Due to increased legal demands and technical and economical devolpment operating wastewater systems faced extensive modifications. This DWA Standard upates and summarises previous regulations of DWA Standards ATV-A 124, ATVA 140-1 and ATV-A 148. It integrates contents of DWA Guideline ATV-M 108 as well as parts of DWA Guideline ATV-M 141. It also considerates the integration into quality and environmental management schemes and increased importance of cost issues. This series of DWA Standard A 199 divides as follows: - part 1: departmental note for staff of wastewater systems - part 2: operating instruction for staff of sewer network and rainwater treatment plants - part 3: operating instruction for staff of wastewater pumping station - part 4: operating instruction for staff of sewage treatment plant Its single parts specify respective minimum contents of these departmental and operating instructions. Specimen texts complete them for illustration/demonstration. As local boundary conditions do highly vary, operators need to clarify the components which can be adopted or need modification. Due to extent and configuration of operating system it may make sense to summarise single parts of departmental and operating instructions. Summary of operating instructions for several similar systems is also feasible. This DWA Standard may serve operators of wastewater systems as a guideline to develop own departmental notes. Enclosure: supporting specimen text
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