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DWA-M 153E
Title:Recommended Actions for Dealing with Stormwater
Publication date:08 2007
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This DWA-Guideline includes recommendations how to treat rainwater quantitatively and qualitatively in modified drainage patterns or serperate sewerage systems. It analyzes and structures complexe correlations as follows: - pollution and quantity of rainwater regarding to utilisation and pavement of origin surface, - protection requirement of groundwater, - protection requirement of overland waters, - hence probably necessary rainwater treatment to avoid infiltration and discharge into overland waters. Contrary to ATV-A 128 which regulates treatment of storm sewage, this DWA Guideline recommends treatment of rainwater without mixture with sewage. It contains a simplified ranking system to consider pollution qualitatively and quantitatively of buried and overland water with rainwater from roof areas as well as traffic areas for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. This DWA-Guideline addresses to local authorities, duties of wastewater disposal and planer who wish to make basic decisions of urban land-use planning or master plan sewer systems.
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