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DWA-A 125E
Title:Pipe Jacking and Related Techniques (December 2008)
Publication date:12 2008
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This Standard deals with underground installation of pre-fabricated pipes of different cross-sectional geometry. By displacing, ramming, drilling, jacking or by applying other techniques, a cavity, into which the pipes are pulled, pushed or jacked, is created in the soil. With the installation, existing sewers or pipelines may also be traversed and/or replaced. The Standard can be applied correspondingly to shield tunnelling techniques (e.g. with segment lining, sprayed concrete), which are not described in the Standard. However, it does not apply to mining techniques. This Standard does not refer to techniques related to pipe jacking if the respective requirements are summarised in independent Standards or Advisory Leaflets by DWA and/or DVGW. This exception does not apply to works under railway property, trunk roads or waterways. This Standard addressess to experts working in municipalities, associations, planning offices and authorities who deal with the planning of trenchless construction projects as well as experts who deal with the construction and quality assurance of projects applying the trenchless method of construction.
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