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DWA-M 381E
Title:Sewage Sludge Thickening (October 2007)
Publication date:10 2007
Price:39.00 €
Sewage sludge produced during wastewater treatment contains very little solids quantities. In order to enable an economically and technically sensible operation of down-stream treatment processes a solids concentration accompanied by a volume reduction is indispensable. Therefore, thickening of sewage sludge is one of the most important basic operations of sludge treatment. It is the easiest and cheapest way to concentrate solids and to separate solids and liquids during the sludge treatment process. Sludge thickening is used at virtually every wastewater treatment plant. This Advisory Leaflet first and foremost addresses treatment plant operators as well as planning and operating engineers and technicians and gives recommendations for the dimensioning, realisation and economic operation of aggregates for the thickening of municipal sludge. The Advisory Leaflet presents current knowledge on process fundamentals and process technology of the various thickening processes and informs about operating experiences and costs of technically well-established processes.
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