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Title:Benchmarking in Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal (March 2008)
Publication date:03 2008
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The Advisory Leaflet presented here contains in particular requirements on performance indicator systems and provides information for the successful execution of benchmarking projects. The term "Benchmarking" is often employed also in connection with other processes based on performance indicators. The Advisory Leaflet describes the instrument "Benchmarking" and delimits it against other processes such as, for example, pure performance indicator comparisons. Benchmarking is an instrument for the optimisation of the technical and commercial processes. It has as objective the increase of customer satisfaction, quality, safety of supply and disposal and economic efficiency within the sense of the overall efficiency, taking into account the sustainability. The criteria for a successful benchmarking in the water industry are summarised in this Advisory Leaflet. The fundamental constraints, methods and opportunities, which are associated with voluntary benchmarking, are described. In addition, the presentation of the results, for example in public, is commented upon. The individual work steps of the performance indicator comparison and process benchmarking are explained in the Advisory Leaflet and requirements on performance indicator systems are named which are based on the five performance characteristics: safety, quality, customer service, sustainability and economic efficiency.
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