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DWA-A 139E - DIN EN 1610
Title:Construction and Testing of Drains and Sewers (January 2010)
Publication date:01 2010
Price:107.00 €
This present publication recaps DIN EN 1091 "Vacuum Sewerage Systems Outside Buildings" and DWA Standard A 116-1 "Special Sewerage Systems - Part 1: Vacuum Sewerage Systems Outside Buildings". European norm DIN EN 1091 was acquired by technical comitee CEN/TC 165 "Wastewater engineering", whose secretariat is held by DIN. The closely and early indentation of European standardisation with regulatory measures of DWA succeeded in a high-quality norm. DIN EN 1091 is valid since February 1997 and contains (among special needs of utilised products ) general needs to performance of vacuum drainage system as well as definitions for inspections. It does not contain sufficient references for dimension of vacuum sewerage system. Present DWA Standard A 116-1 was published in March 2005. Its classification follows European Norm DIN EN 1091 and amends it to cover national contens. This standard assists planing engineers to recognise and creativly use of existing scopes within DIN EN 1091. Furthermore it helps to relieve application of DIN EN 1091. By mutual application of DIN EN 1091 and DWA-A 116-1 a high-quality planing and construction will be achieved. Besides professional assembly of drainage channel and drainage lines, the use of appropiate and steady building and raw material is condition for long-term operating, economic and ground water protecting sewerage systeme. Note: This bulletin includes both DIN EN 1091 and DWA-A 116-1 as orginal text. Text passages taken from DWA-A 116-1 are highlighted in blue.
The current publication is a summary of DIN EN 1610 and Standard DWA-A 139E. DIN EN 1610 describes the European standard for the laying and testing of drains and sewers outside buildings. In the edition of the DWA Standard DWA-A 139E, supplementary information and more detailed statements on DIN EN 1610 are described which, from the point of view of those experts involved, are considered to be necessary remarks and which are expressly intended in DIN EN 1610. In this respect the Standard DWA-A 139E is to be taken as the national supplement to DIN EN 1610. The Standard applies for the production and testing of earth-covered drains and sewers placed in open cut trenches and above ground outside buildings. With this, the planning engineer is given an aid which is to be recognised and utilized within the scope presented in DIN EN 1610.
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