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DWA-A 125E - DIN EN 12889
Title:Pipe Jacking and Related Techniques (May 2009)
Publication date:05 2009
Price:98.00 €
The European Standard EN 12889 was developed within the scope of harmonising the European rules and standards with the aim of reducing trade barriers. It represents the state of technology for trenchless installation and testing of new drains and sewers with pre-fabricated pipes and their connections. Standard DWA-A 125E deals with the underground installation of pre-fabricated pipes with different geometry of the cross-section. During the installation, a cavity is created in the ground by displacing, ramming, drilling, pressing or other installation. The pipes are either pulled, pushed or pressed into this cavity, or existing sewers or pipelines are passed and/or replaced. For enhanced handling and legibility, this joint publication provides the reader with both texts – DIN EN 12889 and Standard DWA-A 125E – in a clearly structured way..
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