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Handbook for the Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants
Title:Operational Problems in Wastewater Treatment Plants - Practice Guideline
Author:Baumann, Dr.-Ing. Peter; Krauth, Karlheinz Prof. Dr.-Ing.; Maier, Werner Dr.-Ing.; Roth, Manfred Dr.
Publication date:10 2012
Price:59.00 €
This guideline bases on a 1997 issued publication of Landesamt für Umweltschutz Baden-Württemberg (State agency Environment protection Baden-Wuerttemberg). It addresses to persons in charge who need efficient and effective troubleshooting on-site. Its procedure orientates to indications and enables an efficient introduction to problem solving.
In 2008, the Practice Guideline “Troubleshooting of Wastewater Treatment Plants“ has been published for the first time by the Baden-Württemberg State Association of the German Association for Water Management, Wastewater and Waste (DWA). The guideline became a useful tool for wastewater Treatment plant operators, not only in Baden-Württemberg but in the entire German-language area. For this reason and because of numerous inquiries from international experts this paper has been edited in english. The booklet can assist wastewater treatment plant Operators in optimizing day to day operations and Troubleshooting operational problems. Futhermore executives can improve their processes and efficiency with the aid of the guideline. The structure of the booklet is conceived to symptomatic Features and therefore offers a fast access to the solution of a problem. The authors are accepted experts with essential practical experience in the design and operation of wastewater Treatment plants. The guideline is part of a comprehensive series of DWA publications introducing new solutions and process Technologies in consideration of a modern and integrative water management. Special thanks goes to the primary authors for their efforts to provide a comprehensive, clear and systematic presentation of the included topics as well as to all others who have contributed in the development and translation of this guideline.
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