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DWA-A 400E
Title:Principles for the Preparation of DWA Rules and Standards (January 2008)
Publication date:01 2013
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The German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste draws up uniform technical rules for the areas of water management, land development, soil conservation, wastewater and waste technology. Thus, a major contribution to the protection of material goods and the environment and to quality assurance in technology, economy, science and administration is made. The DWA Rules and Standards also serve education and training purposes. The present Standard is – as well as the “Geschäftsordnung für die Ausschüsse und Arbeitsgruppen der DWA” (rules of procedure for committees and working groups of the DWA) – the basis for the implementation of the statutory mission of creating, updating and publishing of the DWA Rules and Standards. It specifi cally regulates the nature of Standards and Advisory Leafl ets, lays down the proceedings for their coming into existence and makes statements concerning the notice and information about them.
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