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DWA-M 507E, Part 1
Title:Levees Built Along Watercourses, Part 1: Planning, Construction and Operation (December 2011)
Publication date:04 2013
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Within the framework of the flood protection strategies developed by the German Länder (federal states), construction of flood control levees is a key element in structural flood mitigation. The experience gained from recent large flood events in Germany, from investigation and survey campaigns launched in response thereto with the aim to assess the safety of existing levee systems, and the results obtained underscored the scale of the required refurbishment and new construction of levees along watercourses. Against this background, the Advisory Guideline DVWK-M 210 “Flussdeiche” (Levees), published in 1986, was revised and supplemented in order to consider and document the currently achieved technological state of the art. The leafl et’s span of application was extended from ‘Levees’ to ‘Levees built along watercourses: Introduced to this end was a classifi cation system that categorises the levees by height and inherent risk potential, therewith covering a bandwidth of vital aspects of the involved design and engineering work. Described are the specific hydraulic design parameters, the documentary evidence to be provided as well as a geotechnical design concept. The chapter on the proof procedures contains a concept for the assessment of potential erosion hazards for levees and their subsoil. Special emphasis was also placed on engineered structures located within the levee systems. In this context, guidance is provided with regard to pipe layout and routing as well as the relevant load assumptions. Given that great efforts will have to be made in the future to improve flood protection by refurbishment and reinforcement of existing levees and embankments, this aspect has been dealt with in a separate chapter. Also addressed have been such vital issues as levee maintenance, monitoring and defence. By providing practical information and design approaches as well as verifi cation concepts, the manual is meant to help building contractors and specialists working in authorities and engineering offi ces with the design, construction and maintenance of fl ood mitigation works, allowing them to properly defi ne the requirements that are to be met by structural flood protection measures. The Advisory Guideline was prepared by the DWA-Working Group WW-4.3 “Deiche an Fließgewässern” (levees along watercourses) within the DWA-Expert Committee WW-4 “Talsperren and Flusssperren” (dams and river barrages), acting as a joint technical committee of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik (DGGT) (German geotechnical society ) and Deutsche TalsperrenKomitee (DTK) (German dam and reservoir committee).
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