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DWA-A 199E, Part 1
Title:Service and Operating Instructions for the Personnel of Wastewater Systems - Part 1: Service Instructions for the Personnel of Wastewater Systems (November 2011)
Publication date:01 2014
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Operators of wastewater facilities shall establish service and operating instructions tailored to their respective circumstances in order to adhere to the requirements especially of § 57 of the German Water Resources Management Law (WHG) and in order to meet the minimum requirements of the self-inspection or self-monitoring ordinances of Germany’s federal states. Since the regulatory content of the service instructions for all types of wastewater facilities is predominantly identical, Part 1 of this Standard is valid for the sewerage system including rainwater treatment facilities as well as for pumping stations and for wastewater treatment plants. The Parts 2 to 4 contain operating instructions for the personnel of sewerage systems and rainwater treatment facilities (Part 2), wastewater pumping stations (Part 3) and wastewater treatment plants (Part 4). This Standard DWA-A 199-1E contains minimum requirements for the contents of service instructions for the personnel of wastewater facilities, which are binding for all operators, irrespective of the type of organization or business. It is intended as a template and guideline to assist operators of wastewater facilities in devising their own service instruction. A sample text has been added as an aid in the appendix.
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