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Technical Book
Title:Applied process engineering in industrial wastewater treatment - Wastewater Treatment in Selected Industrial Sectors - November 2013
Publication date:06 2014
Publisher:VDG Bauhaus-Universitätsverlag
Price:45.00 €
The treatment of wastewater from industrial production and manufacturing processes are subjected to fulfi ll specific legal requirements. Origin and composition of these effluents generally require pretreatment before discharged into a public wastewater treatment plant or rather direct discharging requires the use of special cleaning procedures. This book provides an overview of the use of different process technologies for wastewater treatment in selected industrial sectors. The individual sections of this book describe in more detail the specific treatment methods. The series „Water and Environment“ contains selected content from the areas of hydraulics and hydraulic engineering, waste management and sanitary engineering with the subregions wastewater treatment and water supply.
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