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Title:Flyer Caution, a pump killer! - The wet wipe problem
Publication date:01 2016
Price:0.27 €
Wet wipes clog pipes and canals. Restoring the water flow costs money and is labour intensive. It does not have to be this way. The flyer points to the problem of wet wipes and give tips for optimal handling of it. You can purchase your copies of the flyer also with an individual of addresses and logo imprint (b/w or 4c Euro scale). Please ask us for the conditions (info@dwa.de) Price range: Per piece 0.25 /pce - From 100 pieces: 0,20 /more than 250 pieces: 0,15 /pce, more than 500 pieces: 0,10 / pce - from 1000 pieces on request; The prices are not transferred to your order confirmation when ordering via the DWA-Shop. Please order larger numbers by e-mail to info@dwa.de.
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