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DWA-M 512E, Part 1
Title:Sealing Systems in Hydraulic Engineering, Part 1: Earthwork Structures (February 2012)
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Due to the technological advances and new product developments that have been taking place in the construction industry, it was found necessary to revise urgently the following DVWK Guidelines: - No. 215/1990: Dichtungselemente im Wasserbau (Sealing Elements in Hydraulic Engineering) - No. 221/1992: Anwendung von Geotextilien im Wasserbau (Application of Geotextiles in Hydraulic Engineering) - No. 223/1992: Asphaltdichtungen für Talsperren und Speicherbecken (Asphalt Sealing Systems for Dams and Reservoirs) - No. 225/1992: Anwendung von Kunststoffdichtungen im Wasserbau und für den Grundwasserschutz (Application of Geomembranes in Hydraulic Engineering and Groundwater Protection) - No. 237/1996: Deponieabdichtungen in Asphaltbauweisen (Application of Asphalt Sealing Systems in Landfill Sealing). In response thereto, the DWA-technical committee/working group ‘Dichtungssysteme im Wasserbau’ (sealing systems in hydraulic engineering) was established in July 2002, to act as Working Group WW-7 within the DWA under joint chairmanship with the DGGT Working Group DWA-AK 5.4, working in parallel and in conjunction with the various competent committees of the HTG. This approach was chosen to take into account the partly overlapping fields of activities of DWA, DGGT, and HTG. The new technical committee started work immediately with two DWA working groups: DWA-Arbeitsgruppe WW-7.1 „Internal / subsoil sealing systems“ (Chair: Dr.-Ing. Frank Kleist) and DWA-Arbeitsgruppe WW-7.2 „Surface sealing systems“ (Chair: Dipl.-Ing. Petra Fleischer). Both working groups dealt with sealing systems in earthwork structures. The results are summarised in this Guideline DWA-M 512-1 ‘Sealing Systems in Hydraulic Engineering – Part 1: Earthwork Structures‘. It covers surface- and internal-sealing systems for soil structures in hydraulic engineering as they are applied in practice. Described are surface and internal sealing systems used in earthwork structures, including asphalt and concrete sealing systems, geosynthetic clay liners, mineral sealings, geomembranes, fully grouted riprap, sheet pile walls and internal sealing systems made of hydraulically bound sealing-wall materials (concrete, plastic concrete, injections, jet grouting, diaphragm walls, thin slurry diaphragm walls, soil-grouting processes). For each of these sealing systems, a summary is given of possible applications, construction materials, methods of placement, design principles, quality assurance and maintenance requirements, and reference is made to the latest developments and their applications. Sealing systems on solid structures are treated in DWA Working Group WW-7.4. The results of this Working Group have been published in the Guideline DWA-M 512-2 “Dichtungssysteme im Wasserbau” ) („Sealing Systems in Hydraulic Engineering – Part 2: Concrete (solid) Structures“) (Draft June 2015). This Guideline is directed towards those specialists of engineering offices, construction firms and water-management authorities responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of hydraulic engineering plant and structures, or their components.
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