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Technical book
Title:New Alternative Sanitation Systems - NASS - Terminology, Material Flows, Tratment of Partial Flows, Utilisation - 1st edition 2016
Publication date:06 2016
Publisher:VDG Bauhaus-Universitätsverlag
Price:46.00 €
The solution of water management tasks increasingly requires to search and implement new and innovative concepts. These include in particular the ecological, circular economy based systems for wastewater management. Wastewater and human excreta are considered as valuable material that can be processed and recovered to the extent required. Thus prepared they can be utilized accordingly. The stormwater management is integrated in such concepts. The DWA (German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste) decided in 2004 to found a new Technical Committee (KA-1 ‘New Alternative Sanitation Systems’) as a joint committee of the main Wastewater Treatment (KA) and Drainage Systems (ES) committees. The results of this work over a period of four years are summarized in a report (DWA Themenband „Neuartige Sanit√§rsysteme“). On this basis, and courtesy of DWA this book builds on. In particular, this book covers the partial streams of domestic wastewater, the capacity to collect, transport and treatment as well as dealing with products from new alternative sanitation systems. The aim of this course book is to systematically present ideas and experiences in relation to new alternative sanitation systems, to provide assistance in assessing and selecting systems and integrating them into existing systems, and to demonstrate the need for research and development. Micropollutants, contamination of foodstuffs, and environment awareness will become increasingly significant, so this should motivate to take a constructive look at the new alternative sanitation systems that are presented here.
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