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Manual operational analysis
Title:Manual for operational analysis (Croatian translation)
Publication date:07 2016
Price:39.80 €
An introduction to the most common measurement methods for monitoring wastewater and sludge treatment.

In the operation of wastewater treatment plants a regular and high-quality self-monitoring is mandatory. Structured systematically and with coloured, contemporary pictures and tables, the book provides the most common methods for operational analysis for the WWTP staff both in training and in daily operation. The basic techniques of sampling, sample handling and measurement are taught. The various measurements and tests are clearly described, also the needed equipment, type of sample, execution and evaluation. Illustrative examples with comprehensible reporting examples illustrate the procedure and the results. With its established and proven spiral binding and the water resistant, coated pages, the book allows the use in the laboratory without any difficulties.

Target group: wastewater treatment plant operators, operational staff of sewage treatment plants, employees of public utilities and sector associations, experts and planners in wastewater technology, trainees and career changers in the field of wastewater technology "

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