Nr. Description Long Description
1.CD-Dictionary EN - 2009 
(\Interdisciplinary Publications\Further Publications)
DWA-Dictionary 2009 CD-ROM - Water, Wastewater, Waste - German-English/English-German 
2.DWA-Topics WW-8.1 E 
(\Hydrology and Water Resources Management\Elektronische Medien)
Fish Protection Technologies and Downstream Fishways - Dimensioning, Design, Effectiveness, Inspection (July 2005) 
3.DWA Set of Rules - English Version 
(\Interdisciplinary Publications\Elektronische Medien)
English translations of significant publications of the DWA Set of Rules, 49 DWA-Standards and Guidelines, 5 DWA-Topics and various brochures in pdf format (single user) - Edition April 2018 
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