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DWA-A 100E
Guidelines of Integrated Urban Drainage (IUD) (December 2006)
41,00 €Info..
ATV-A 106E
Design and Construction Planning of Wastewater Treatment Facilities
26,00 €Info..
DWA-M 1100E
Benchmarking in Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal (March 2008)
29,50 €Info..
DWA-M 114E
Energy from Wastewater – Thermal and Potential Energy (June 2009)
42,00 €Info..
DWA-A 116E, Part 1
Special Sewerage Systems - Part 1: Vacuum Sewerage Systems Outside Buildings
38,00 €Info..
DWA-A 116E, Part 2
Special Sewerage Systems - Part 2: Pressure Sewerage Systems Outside Buildings
38,00 €Info..
DWA-A 118E
Hydraulic Dimensioning and Verification of Drain and Sewer Systems
52,00 €Info..
DWA-A 125E
Pipe Jacking and Related Techniques (December 2008)
62,00 €Info..
ATV-A 128E
Standards for the Dimensioning and Design of Stormwater Structures in Combined Sewers
46,99 €Info..
DWA-A 133E
Valuation of Wastewater Systems - Systematic Recording, Assessment ans Updating (Ausgust 2005)
39,00 €Info..
Planning and Construction of Wastewater Pumping Stations
45,50 €Info..
DWA-A 138E
Planning, Construction and Operation of Facilities for the Percolation of Precipitation Water
43,00 €Info..
DWA-A 139E
Construction and Testing of Drains and Sewers (December 2009)
64,00 €Info..
DWA-A 139E - DIN EN 1610
Construction and Testing of Drains and Sewers (January 2010)
107,00 €Info..
DWA-M 143E, Part 17
Rehabilitation of Drain and Sewer Systems Outside Buildings - Part 17: Coating Wasterwater Conduits, Pipes and Shafts with Cement-bonded Mortars
32,00 €Info..
DWA-M 144EN, Part 3 (english)
Supplementary Technical Contract Conditions (ZTV) for the Rehabilitation of Drainage Systems outside of Buildings - Part 3: Renovation with Hose Liner Process (locally cured hose liner) for Sewers (November 2012)
78,00 €Info..
DWA-M 149E, Part 4
Conditions and Assessment of Drain and Sewer Systems Outside Buildings - Part 4: Detection of Bedding Defects and Cavities by Means of Geophysical Techniques (July 2008)
38,00 €Info..
DWA-M 153E
Recommended Actions for Dealing with Stormwater
41,00 €Info..
Sewer System Structures
34,50 €Info..
DWA-A 161E
Static Calculation of Jacking Pipes (March 2014, corrected version October 2017)
83,00 €Info..
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