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DWA-Topics IG-5.5 E
Title:Treatment of Industrial Wastewater and Process Water with Membrane Processes and Membrane Bioreactor Technology (November 2007)
Publication date:11 2007
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Membrane processes play a major role in modern industrial water management. From microfiltration to reverse osmosis, from the separation of particles, biomass, oil and grease to disinfection and the retention of colloids and dissolved molecules and ions, membrane processes allow for customized and extensive treatment of industrial process and wastewater, and if applicable, the recovery of resources from the treated water. Often, only the implementation of membrane technology provides the opportunity for economic water circulation or water reuse. The topics consist of several parts. Part 1 deals with membrane processes per se, i.e. the application of this process step in the separation of undissolved, colloidal or dissolved matter. Part 2 describes the membrane bioreactor processes. Thereby, the emphasis is on the process unit, consisting of the biological degradation in the aeration tank and the separation of the biomass by means of membranes. Details are given, in particular, on the requirements and specifics of membrane bioreactors in contrast to conventional activated sludge processes.
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