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ATV-DVWK-M 362E, Part 2
Title:Handling of Dredged Material, Part 2: Case Studies
Publication date:10 2004
Price:48.00 €
The case studies introduced describe possibilities of avoidance, restorage, usage, storage in water bodies and on land as well as reconditioning, recycling and finally disposal of dredged material from inland water bodies which are implemented in practice. Special focus was put on dredged material from water bodies of the the German Federal states and municipalities as exemplified with the removal of sludge from ponds, lakes and storage reservoirs. In respect of storage places for dredged material, gravel pits or pits of quarrying sites, flushing fields and depositories still cover a significant portion. The reuse in the manufacture of clinker or swelling clay/pellets is still being investigated and developed and also mentioned in this Advisory leaflet as examples.
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