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DWA-M 386E
Title:Thermal Treatment of Sewage Slugde – Mono-Incineration (October 2011)
Publication date:10 2014
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Thermal treatment of sewage sludge is in regard to quantity the most important disposal route in Germany. It is an important option for a safe, economically efficient and environmentally sound sludge disposal. Since the late 1980ies, the percentage of sludges which are treated thermally has risen from about 12 % to more than 50 %. Almost half of these sludge quantities are treated in mono-incineration plants. About the same amount is co-incinerated in coal power plants. Co-incineration is discussed in detail in the Advisory Guideline DWA-M 387 “Thermal Treatment of Sewage Sludge – Co-Incineration in Power Plants”. The objective of the Advisory Guideline DWA-M 386 is to give fundamental information for the technical realization and operation of plants for mono-incineration of sewage sludge. Based on fuel characteristics of sewage sludge various incineration systems, possibilities for heat recovery and emission reductions as well as Treatment options for flue gas purification are introduced. Furthermore, information on legal framework, on plant organisation and economic efficiency is presented. Finally, several practical examples of mono-incineration plants are discussed. For planners and operators of mono-incineration plants, this Advisory Guideline shall supply a basis for the determination about concepts during the planning phase and for decisions on Investments for the construction of new plants. This Advisory Guideline also supplies important information for machinery manufacturers and plant engineers. However, it does not give detailed dimensioning standards for a process engineering layout of the plant or parts of it.
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