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ATV-M 204E
Title:Status and Application of Emission Reduction Technology with Sewage Treatments Plants - Odours, Aerosols
Publication date:10 1996
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Due to decreased limit of tolerance towards olfacation and simultaneously increased protection requirement against those influences it turned out to be necessary to display demands as well as possibilities and limits of odour-containment (especially as summary of suitable rule of technology was missing). Hence this DWA Guideline was developped especially for sewage treatment plants with prevalent domestic wastewater giving precise hints. Approving authorities, liable planner and consultants as well as planning agencies and operators of sewage treatment plants often estimate differently which legal boundary conditions are underlying basis of emissions from wastewater systems and if wastewater odour may result in sanitary hazards (beyond pure annoyance). Chapter 1 and 2 granting a survey of this. While planning a sewage treatment plant reverting to executed measuring is utterly impossible but depend on estimations. Chapter 3 contains a classification to range ventures and issues of odour emission rather and needs resulting from this. Technical measures (recording and treatment of exhaust air) need to be taken against this background (chapter 4 and 5 assume this). Chapter 6 processes olfactometry and propagation measurings as well as ein example for an immission forecast.
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