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» English » Economic Planning » Rules and Standards
DWA-M 1060E
IT-Security – Standard for Water Supply/Wastewater Utilities (August 2017)
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DWA-M 803E
Cost Structures in Wasterwater Engineering (November 2006)
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Allocation of Production Costs and Maintenance Expenditure for Sewage Plants
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» English » Economic Planning » Topics/Reports
DWA-Topics WI-00.1 E
Corporate-Metric Benchmarking as Component of the Modernisation Strategy - Performance Indicators and Evaluation Principles - April 2008
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» English » Economic Planning » Further Publications
DCCC-Guidelines - December 2011
Dynamic Cost Comparison Calculations for selecting least-cost projects in Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal, DCCC - Appraisal Manual for Project Designers - December 2011
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