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DWA Set of Rules - English Version
English translations of significant publications of the DWA Set of Rules, 49 DWA-Standards and Guidelines, 5 DWA-Topics and various brochures in pdf format (single user) - Edition April 2018
Learning cards (Arabic language)
Learning cards show the stations of wastewater treatment - 63 cards, size A7 (Arabic language)
Training system
Modular Wastewater Training System - Arabic/English, 66 magnetic cards A6 and 63 flashcards A7
Brochure Wastewater concers everyone - May 2018
Plain talking - Wastewater concerns everyone: Origin, discharge and treatment - 2nd edition 2018
DWA-A 262E
Principles for Dimensioning, Construction and Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants with Planted and Unplanted Filters for Treatment of Domestic and Municipal Wastewater (November 2017)
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