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DWA-Topics - Downstream Fishways (7/2005)
Title:DWA-Topics - Fish Protection Technologies and Downstream Fishways - Dimensioning, Design, Effectiveness, Inspection - July 2005
Publication date:07 2005
Price:40.01 €
This book completes DVWK M 232 „Fish Passes - Design, Dimensions and Monitoring” and presents fish protection and downstream fishways which are available national and international. It summarises national and international state of knowledge and is perceived as a tool to fulfil the EC Water Framework Directive as well as demands of animal and wildlife protection. As this duty requires hydraulic engineering as well as fisheries biology ecological knowledge interdisciplinary understanding is essential for designing fish protection and downstream fishways. Therefore this publication starts with an introduction into biological and technical basics. A separate chapter deals with fish damage probably arising when overcoming embankment as well as intake structure and water-power plants. Its essential parts are several techniques to avoid intrusion of drifting fishes into hazardous assets areas and to ensure downstream fish migration. Additionally alternative techniques for fish friendly plant management, fish transport systems and fish friendly turbines are presented.
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