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DWA-Topics BIZ-11.4 E
Title:Treatment Steps for Water Reuse - May 2008
Publication date:05 2008
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The treatment of wastewater for reuse is a practice spread in the water management world-wide - and innumerous countries, already today it is an indispensable necessity. Due to the increasing demand for water,the significance of water reuse will continue to increase as essential component of sustainable water resour-ces management.In this context the treatment of wastewater for the reuse represents a complex setting of tasks: in addition tonational and international regulations and standards on water quality and treatment technology there are alsovery different constraints varying from country to country to be taken into account, such as the type of waterutilisation, the financial resources and the level of competence of operating staff.In order to give an overview and support with the selection of suitable treatment techniques for reuse, a matrixwith the most varied processes of wastewater treatment has been elaborated by the DWA Working Group BIZ-11.4 "Water Reuse". Each process step was assessed with regard to various aspects such as discharge quality,costs, consumption of material and energy, expenses for maintenance etc.Objective of this Volume of Topics and the assessment matrix is to give fundamental information on possibilitiesfor application, application criteria and application prerequisites for employment of the different treatmenttechnologies. In this edition the Volume of Topics concentrates primarily on the reuse of water for agriculturaland urban purposes like irrigation and non-potable water applications.
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