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DWA-M 143E, Part 17
Title:Rehabilitation of Drain and Sewer Systems Outside Buildings - Part 17: Coating Wasterwater Conduits, Pipes and Shafts with Cement-bonded Mortars
Publication date:12 2006
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This Advisory Leaflet deals with coating procedures using mineral cementbonded mortars in wastewater pipes, sewers and shafts and other installations, called "drain and sewer systems" in the following. It may apply to accessible and non accessible buried pipes and sewers from DN 100 upwards, from the point where wastewater leaves the building or the guttering system or flows into a street outlet, up to the point where the wastewater is channelled into a treatment plant or into the receiving water course. It may also be broadly applicable in the realm of drain and sewer systems. Coating processes can remedy the following types of damage: •corrosion •mechanical abrasion •leakages Care shall be taken to ensure the appropriate coating technique and type of mortar to be used.It does not apply to cement-free mortars, or reaction resin mortars. The coating mortars covered here are usedfor subsequent coating of concrete and brickwork, as well as pipes made of cast iron, steel and fibro-cementin all situations.
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