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Title:Corporate-Metric Benchmarking as Component of the Modernisation Strategy - Performance Indicators and Evaluation Principles - April 2008
Publication date:04 2008
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With the present DWA Topic the DWA, in the form of requirements on the essential performance indicators, creates a common framework for benchmarking with the disposal of wastewater. Through this, on one hand,the compatibility of the performance indicators is supported and, on the other, the flexibility and diversity ofthe benchmarking systems remain preserved. The resulting exemplary performance indicator system describes one possibility of devising characteristics to meet the intentions of the DWA. With this, the structure orients itself on the objectives of the German water industry. That is • long-term reliability of supply and disposal • high drinking water quality and a high standard of wastewater disposal • high economic efficiency • high customer satisfaction and • sustainability. These five so-called pillars represent the criteria for the evaluation of the effectiveness of the supply of water and disposal of wastewater. The exemplary performance indicator system proposed in this Topic is already now a basic element of the comprehensive benchmarking initiatives in the DWA Regional Associations in Baden-Württemberg, Bayern andNordrhein-Westfalen, and is also to be implemented in 2008 within the DWA Regional Association Nord.
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