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DWA-M 149E, Part 4
Title:Conditions and Assessment of Drain and Sewer Systems Outside Buildings - Part 4: Detection of Bedding Defects and Cavities by Means of Geophysical Techniques (July 2008)
Publication date:07 2008
Price:38.00 €
An early detection of bedding defects and cavities - if possible already before the approval of structures - which decisively influence the functionality and durability of the pipe-soil-system intend to save the network operator from costly wrong decisions when selecting the time or technique of rehabilitation. This Advisory Leaflet describeds techniques, by means of which non-visible areas located beyond the sewer wall and under the road surface in the soil as well as in the backfill of a former construction pit can be assessed in a destruction-free way. The Advisory Leaflet makes recommendations and provides information on measuring techniques, by means of which bedding defects and cavities can be detected in the surrounding of earth-buried pipelines. It describes possible applications and application limits of the measurement methods ground-penetrating radar (GPR), geoelectricity as well as seismic technology. Additionally, research and development projects that make use of the measurement methods "acoustic inspection" and "gamma-gamma probe" are presented. For this purpose, relevant information is compiled for the most important areas of application when detecting bedding defects. The Advisory Leaflet lists areas of application that are based on practical experience. The Advisory Leaflet addresses all institutions planning, operating and supervising in the field of condition recording and evaluation of drainage systems as well as companies that are assigned with condition evaluation.
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