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DWA-A 139E
Title:Construction and Testing of Drains and Sewers (December 2009)
Publication date:12 2009
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Besides European standards, it is possible to phrase stipulations that are not or not entirely included in European standards in order to cover nationally required contents. DIN EN 1610 "Construction and Testing of Drains and Sewers", which has been effective since October 1997, describes the European standard regarding the installation and testing of drains and sewers outside buildings. The new edition of the now available Standard provides additional advice and in-depth explanations on DIN EN 1610, which are considered necessary in the opinion of the expert groups involved. The Standard applies to the construction and testing of earth-buried drains and sewers outside buildings, which were installed by using the open-cut and above-ground method. It is intended to help the planning engineer recognise the scope of DIN EN 1610 and use it creatively. The supplements and advice refer to the installation of the pipes, their testing regarding the materials to be used as well as the final approval of the construction. It also defines the requirements regarding the qualification of on-site personnel. The Standard's attachment contains requirements regarding exemplary construction instructions as well as advice on economic aspects. The Standard provides regulations to achieve high-quality construction works of drains and sewers, if applied in combination with DIN EN 1610. Besides the utilisation of appropriate and durable materials, building drains and sewers in a professional way is a prerequisite for a long-term operating and leak-tight sewer network.
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