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DWA-M 804E
Title:Assurance of the Quality and Economic Efficiency of Wastewater and Waste Facilities also with the Performance of Tasks by Third Parties (October 2007)
Publication date:10 2007
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Facilities for the disposal of wastewater and waste form a basic prerequisite for the infrastructure of municipal and industrial operations. They serve to ensure that, in the long-term, the residential and industrial base in Germany is environmentally compatible. Therefore, it is important that the disposal facilities are planned, implemented and operated correctly and in line with the times. In view of the considerable costs which are associated with the construction and operation of disposal facilities and the usually long useful lives, strict requirements must be placed on the quality and economic efficiency of planning, construction and operation. For wastewater facilities it is of particular significance that they have to be integrated into already existing facility structures (e.g. drainage networks). The DWA Working Group WI-4.2 “Quality characteristics for services with planning, construction and operation” has elaborated this Advisory Leaflet with pertinent information in the form of checklists for the securing of the quality and economic efficiency with the planning, construction surveillance and operation of wastewater and waste disposal facilities. Above all, it is to provide assistance for the responsible decisionmakers for the planning and construction project as well as for operation, also in the function as customer, in order to ensure and enforce the quality and economic efficiency of the project. With this it has been taken into account that increasingly tasks are looked after by third parties. The municipalities who are committed to the ensuring of the correct disposal are to monitor the fulfilment of tasks by third parties within the scope of appropriate contract management.
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